My MyST account is locked

For security reasons, our system may automatically lock the accounts of MyST users who have met certain criteria. If your MyST account is locked, you will be prevented from signing in and accessing your account. Account locks do not affect the operation of your sites with us in any way (i.e. transactions will continue to be processed as normal). Nor do they effect the ability of other users in your organisation from accessing their accounts.

Common reasons for why your account may have been locked:

  • Too many entries of incorrect password on the sign in page.
  • Account has been inactive for a prolonged period of time.
  • Your organisation’s administrator manually locked the user.


To unlock your account

Some account locks are temporary. If you are unable to sign in due to a locked account, we first recommend waiting for at least half an hour and trying again. However, if you are still unable to sign in, or you need immediate access to your MyST account, please contact your administrator and they will be able to unlock it for you.

If you are an administrator for your organisation and you are unable to access your account, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

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