How do I use my own DCC provider?

  The following functionality is not supported by our hosted Payment Pages solution. To utilise your own DCC provider, you must interface with our API.

If preferred, you can perform your own currency conversion without performing a CURRENCYRATE request or refer to a pre-existing parent CURRENCYRATE request. To do this, submit an AUTH request (as outlined on this page), while ensuring all the required fields are submitted using valid conversion rate details from your DCC provider.

  It is your responsibility to calculate the amounts based on the conversion rates from your DCC provider, and to ensure the amounts and currencies you submit in the AUTH request are valid.

Receipt text

  Select acquirers may require certain information to be displayed to the customer in a receipt, following a transaction, such as the conversion rate used and the name of the conversion rate provider. Please be sure to check with your acquiring bank that you are displaying all the information required.

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