My site went live a week ago, but no money is being paid into my bank account. Why is this?

Please follow these three steps:

  1. Please check transactions are definitely being processed through your live site reference. If the sitereference posted in your request is prefixed with “test_”, payments are being processed on the test environment and you will never receive funds.
  2. Check transaction settlement. Once transactions are authorised by the issuing bank, funds are reserved on the customer’s account (normally for up to 24 hours) before finally being transferred to your bank account in a process called “Settlement“. Settled transactions are shown on the Transaction search page in MyST with the label "Settled" (the settlestatus value should also be “100”). If your transactions are not settling as expected, you will need to investigate why this is.
  3. If you have confirmed transactions are being processed through your live sitereference and have been settled, there may be an issue with your bank account. We recommend contacting your acquiring bank for assistance.
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