How do I reprint the previous receipt?

The following instructions explain how to reprint a receipt:

  When processing Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) transactions, you must always ensure receipts are printed and provided to your customers.

Ingenico Move and Desk terminals, Castles VEGA terminals
  1. Tap Quick Menu grid-icon.png icon onscreen.
  2. Select Reprint; the previous receipt will issue from printer.
Ingenico Link 2500

  This device doesn't have a printer, but you can instead request a new receipt is emailed.

  1. Using the mPOS smartphone app, select “Sales History” on the app home screen.


  2. Select the transaction for which the receipt needs to be resent.


  3. Tap either “Merchant Receipt” or “Receipt for customer”, as appropriate.


  4. After selecting the type of receipt you would like to be resent, select “Send receipt” and enter the email address of the recipient.
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