Receipt information

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For each transaction the receipt is printed. The document contains key information about transaction and serves as a proof of transaction in the case of dispute claims.



  1. Merchant name and address.
  2. Merchant ID – Unique identifier of the merchant within the acquirer bank. If merchant uses more terminals, each terminal has got a unique TID, however MID might be the same for all terminals.
  3. Terminal ID – Unique identifier of terminal within the terminal provider systems.
  4. Card Brand – Card brand such as VISA, Mastercard etc.
  5. PAN – Unique number of the card contains information about Card brand, Issuer bank code and card number. Since this is sensitive information it is masked.
  6. Authorisation code – Unique code of transaction. Used in case of dispute claims.
  7. Application ID (AID) and Name – Identifies the application number on the card and its name. Corresponds with card type (Mastercard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron, V PAY etc.).
  8. Transaction type – Type of transaction such as Sale, Merchant return, Reverse last transaction, etc.
  9. Transaction currency and Amount – Currency of transaction. In case of non DCC it is currency of terminal (local currency in area of sale), in case of DCC it is currency of the card. Amount in given currency.
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