LAN/Wi-Fi connection

The terminal supports LAN and Wi-Fi connection.

If a physical LAN connection is required, then an RJ45-to-RJ45 LAN cable (not supplied) will need to be connected between the router and the payment terminal.



To switch between LAN and Wi-Fi, select “Menu” > “Network settings” (or “Quick Menu” > “Network”), then press “Change connectivity” and select the required type.



Wi-Fi connection setup

To connect to a Wi-Fi network or switch connection to Wi-Fi, select “Menu” > “Network settings” (or “Quick Menu” > “Network”), then press “Settings” and select the required Wi-Fi network from list displayed.

To enter the password, press the numeric keypad keys multiple times to scroll through the characters displayed on the key (similar to mobile phone keyboards) and press the green OK button to submit.

If handshake is approved the internet connection is established.

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