I've been notified of a Chargeback. What do I do?

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I have received a Chargeback or Fraud Notification. What does this mean?


A chargeback is received when a cardholder approaches their issuing bank to report a problem with a transaction on a card payment using a scheme (e.g. Visa/Mastercard). Using the information provided by the cardholder, their bank will select an appropriate Reason Code, populate the questionnaire and submit this to the card scheme.

  It is imperative that you do not refund the cardholder at this stage if you wish to challenge the dispute.


Fraud notifications

A fraud notification is when a cardholder has reported their card as lost or stolen to their issuing bank. With this, the card issuer has a duty to review transactions that they consider to be potentially fraudulent and report these to the card scheme fraud databases. Card issuers may look for transactions that fall outside of normal spending patterns, such as high-value transactions, new subscription services, etc.

  If you have received a fraud notification, it is not a chargeback and does not require any action. These records can be used for your own internal fraud monitoring or to proactively contact the cardholder to enquire if there's an issue.

If a chargeback is raised against a Fraud Notification, you will receive a Chargeback Notification.


How can I see the cardholder's claim?

Please email the Chargeback Team at chargebacks@trustpayments.com including the ARN(s) of the cases you require the cardholder claim document for. The team will be able to provide the documentation and any other advice you may need.


How do I challenge a Chargeback?

To challenge a chargeback, a document that meets the following requirements must be emailed to chargebacks@trustpayments.com:

  • The filename must include the ARN of the transaction being challenged.
  • Must be less than 18 pages long.
  • Must be smaller than 10MB.
  • The file format must be a PDF. (This can be created in Microsoft Word by changing the "Save as type" to "PDF")


This document must be sent within 10 calendar days* from the date that the chargeback notification was shared.

*In the chargeback notification Excel file, if the Reason Code begins with a 10 or 11 (e.g. 10.4 / 11.3) and column C is showing "VCR Pre Arb Resp" the document must be received within 3 calendar days.


How can I see all my Chargebacks?

You can search for and view Chargebacks using our online portals:

  If you require any status updates or other information relating to the data, please contact the Chargeback Team at chargebacks@trustpayments.com with your query.


How can I see the financial movement and fees relating to Chargebacks?

You can contact the Chargeback Team at chargebacks@trustpayments.com with your query and we will be happy to assist you.


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