Can I process Payouts to customers using Google Pay?

While you cannot use Google Pay to process Payouts to customers, there are certain configurations that will enable you to process Payouts to the customer's card directly.

About authentication methods

Each Google Pay transaction can be authenticated in two different ways:

  • PAN_ONLY - A card stored on the customer's Google account.
  • CRYPTOGRAM_3DS - A device token stored on an Android-powered device authenticated with a 3-D Secure cryptogram.

🅰️ If you have configured your Google Pay checkout to authenticate all transactions in PAN_ONLY mode, this means Trust Payments will have a record of the customer's card for future actions. Following an ACCOUNTCHECK or AUTH request, we will return a transactionreference in the response. This can be stored in your own records and submitted in a Payout request to Trust Payments at a later time using our Webservices API.

🅱️ However, when including CRYPTOGRAM_3DS in the list of supported auth methods, Trust Payments will not always have a record of the customer's card for future actions because some transactions will be processed with a single-use cryptogram token. In this configuration, in order to process a Payout, you will need to provide a secure channel for the customer to provide you with their card number, expiry date and billing address, and then use our Webservices API to process a Payouts request to Trust Payments.

  Our hosted Payment Pages solution does not support authenticating all transactions in PAN_ONLY configuration, therefore only 🅱️ applies.

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