Can I perform 3-D Secure, using the MPI provided by Trust Payments, when processing transactions with the Webservices API?

Unless you are using your own MPI to process the authentication, 3-D Secure is no longer supported when utilising our Webservices API.

Therefore, our Webservices API should only be utilised by merchants processing Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) paymentsMerchant Initiated Transactions (MIT), back-office requests to view or update details of existing transactions, or other workflows that are exempt from the PSD2 mandate.

  To be compliant with the PSD2 mandate, all businesses within the EEA (European Economic Area) are mandated to use 3-D Secure when processing e-commerce transactions.

To develop a payment solution that supports the latest 3-D Secure protocol (version 2), you will instead need to integrate using either our JavaScript Library (for web-based solutions) or our Mobile SDKs (for native mobile apps).

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