Getting started with TRU Connect

Welcome to TRU Connect. By following the instructions below, you can get up-and-running with our payment solutions.

1. Sign up


You will need to sign up for an account with Trust Payments. In order to do so you will need an acquiring bank account and associated Merchant Identification (MID). If you do not have one, we recommend TRU Acquiring, our global acquiring solution.

Sign up to TRU Connect

Once you have signed up, you will be in the possession of the following:

  • Test site reference - A unique identifier that allows you to process test payments to our sandbox environment. This is essential for testing your integration before going live.
  • Live site reference - This works in the same way as the test site reference, but instead allows you to process live payments in our production environment once your account has been configured to do so.
  • MyST user credentials - You will receive an email with a link to set up your MyST account. MyST is our online portal that allows you to view and manage transactions processed and also perform other administrative action on your account.




2. Configure your payment solution


At Trust Payments we understand that every business is different, so we provide a number of solutions to best satisfy the needs of your organisation.

  Payment Pages - Fully-hosted by Trust Payments, our Payment Pages solution is for merchants who want a simple and easily-implemented way of adding e-payment capability to their online commerce systems. Payment Pages work with custom-designed e-commerce systems as well as with many commercially available shopping cart applications.
Click here to open our setup guide in a new tab.

  JavaScript Library - Our JavaScript Library is used to process e-commerce payments from your own website, providing a seamless and secure checkout experience for your customers, while ensuring authentication with 3-D Secure v1 / v2 that complies with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) mandate.
Click here to open our setup guide in a new tab.

  TRU Mobile - Our TRU Mobile solutions allow you to seamlessly integrate a prebuilt or custom UI in your Android or iOS app to accept card payments & comply with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) mandate. Use this integration if you need a pre-built “Drop-In” UI that also supports tokenization, localisation and other customisation tools to better fit your brand.
Click here for our Android SDK setup or here for our iOS SDK setup.

  Webservices API - By interacting directly with our API, this allows for deep integration of our payment services into your solution, enabling you to retain development capability and write bespoke applications with payment functionality built-in. Submit API calls to our secure servers to process transactions and perform updates.
Click here to open our setup guide in a new tab.




3. Enable add-ons


  Customisation - You can apply custom layouts and styling to better reflect your brand's identity.
Docs:  Payment Pages . JavaScript Library . Android SDK . iOS SDK

  Localisation - Our different solutions support multiple languages.
Docs:  Payment Pages . JavaScript Library . Android SDK . iOS SDK . MyST

  Subscriptions - Our Subscription Engine can be instructed to automatically process recurring payments at regular intervals on your behalf. If you are already processing payments with us, enabling Subscriptions is as simple as adding extra fields to your payment request.
Click here to learn more.

  Zero-auths - You can process Account Check requests in order to perform zero-auths. These are used to ensure the details entered by the customer are valid, by checking the cardholder's first line of address, postcode and security code found on the back of the card.
Click here to learn more.

  Tokenization - Card details can be Tokenized and securely stored with Trust Payments for future purchases by returning customers. Not only does this lead to faster and easier payments for your customers, your business also benefits from not needing to store sensitive card numbers
Click here to learn more.

  Dynamic Currency Conversion - DCC is a feature that allows customers to complete the payment in either their currency or your local currency. The amounts are calculated using a third-party conversion rate provider with up-to-date conversion rates.
Docs:  Payment Pages . JavaScript Library

  TRU Fraud Check - TRU Fraud Check is a market leading counter-fraud solution that uses intelligent monitoring techniques to minimise risk and increase sales. If you use TRU Acquiring for your acquiring services, TRU Fraud Check is already enabled and active on your site references.
Click here to learn more.

  Click here for list of add-ons and links to relevant documentation.




4. Test your solution


It is vitally important to thoroughly test your integration using your test site reference before processing live payments. Your system will need to be able to reliably handle different situations that can be encountered by the customer to ensure the best checkout experience. Our Testing centre provides all the documentation you need to make sure your solution is ready.

  Best practices to consider when testing

  Open our Test centre in a new tab

  Ensure you understand how to Manage your transactions




5. Going live


After you have finished configuring your site and have tested thoroughly, follow the final steps outlined in our Going live documentation to begin processing live payments.

  Going live with Payment Pages

  Going live with JavaScript Library

  Going live with Android SDK

  Going live with iOS SDK

  Going live with Webservices API


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