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When enabled on your account, Protect Plus provides an additional layer of protection. By making use of the industry’s largest negative database, it performs a comprehensive suite of fraud assessments (including identity checks) against the UK electoral roll and BT databases.


Process overview

  Sign up for Protect Plus

Before you can get started, you will need to contact our Sales Team and enable Protect Plus on your account.


What checks are performed?

We analyse the customer’s billing, delivery and payment details using a rule-based system to detect suspicious patterns in user activity. Our system will assist you in deciding on whether to process a customer’s transaction based on the perceived level of risk. Checks performed include:

  • The industry’s largest negative database.
  • Neural-based fraud assessments.
  • Tumbling or Swapping, where there is an unusual usage pattern in the card number, expiration date or customer details associated with a transaction.

  Protect Plus does not guarantee against fraud

You should consider all data regarding a transaction before accepting the payment.


What happens after the checks are performed?

The Protect Plus system will analyse transaction details and assign one of the following statuses:

  “ACCEPT” The details are not deemed suspicious.
  “CHALLENGE” Further investigation is recommended.
  “DENY” The details are suspicious and a transaction should not be performed.

  By default, we automatically suspend authorised transactions where the results are “CHALLENGE” or “DENY”. This will allow you to investigate further and make a more informed choice on whether or not to authorise a suspicious transaction. This behaviour can be changed. Please contact our Support Team for further information.



To enable Protect Plus on your Trust Payments account, please contact our Sales Team. Once Protect Plus has been enabled, it will automatically be processed with every payment made through your payment page, without any additional configuration on your system. It is recommended that your system submits as much data as possible as this will improve the accuracy of the checks.



Use the following transaction amount values when testing Protect Plus to simulate the different possible responses:

Main amount Shield status code returned fraudcontrolshieldstatuscode returned
10.11, 20.11, 30.11 ACCEPT   “ACCEPT”
10.33, 20.33, 30.33 CHALLENGE   “CHALLENGE”
10.44, 20.44, 30.44 DENY   “DENY”

  The shield status code values returned may vary when not using the amount values listed in the table, above.

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