View transaction details

You can view details for requests and transactions that have been processed on your site reference(s).

  Required user roles

Basic user, Developer 2, Site admin, Site user, Site user 2, Transaction admin, Transaction admin 2, View only transactions, View only transactions 2, “View only transactions, fees and merchant statements”.

  How to access

Select “Transactions” from the left and then “Transaction search“. Perform a search and click a transaction reference displayed in the results table.
OR; type in the full transaction reference into the universal search, at the top of any MyST page.

  You can also configure your own system to query our API for transaction details. This allows you to directly integrate transaction monitoring into your own bespoke solution.
Click here to learn more.


Selecting a transaction

Clicking the unique transaction reference shown down the left of the table will open up an overview of the transaction for you to review. You can perform actions by clicking the “Action” link at the bottom of the pane, or alternatively click the cross in the upper-right to dismiss the pane and return to the search results.

To view further information, click “More details” to navigate to the transaction detail view (read on for further information on this).



Transaction detail view

This page displays details of the selected transaction. The top of the page is colour-coded, according to the grade assigned to the transaction (shown in the upper-left). This area will also show the amount, currency, payment method and masked card number. Below this, all other details are displayed.




We provide two print options in the upper-right of this page:

  • Print – Prints all details displayed on the page.
  • Receipt – Prints the transaction details, omitting sensitive data about the merchant / processing of the transaction, so it is safe to be sent on to the customer as a receipt.

 If you are having problems when printing, click here for troubleshooting tips.


Taking action

Below the details displayed, there are buttons for performing actions on the transaction. Click the relevant buttons to proceed.


Related transactions

Click the “Related transactions” tab along the top of the page to view related transactions. These are displayed in a timeline, with newer requests at the top of the page.You can view the timestamp of each request by looking down the left of this view.

Basic details are shown alongside each transaction. Click the transaction reference to be shown further information.


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