I'm having problems applying custom mark-up and styling to Payment Pages

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If modifications are not visible on your Payment Pages, please consider the following:

  • Site reference: Have you uploaded your files to the right site reference? Go to the File manager and ensure the necessary files are shown at the bottom of the page for your site reference. Ensure your request to Payment Pages contains the correct site reference.

  Test site references are independent from live site references, and you will need to upload files to the live site reference once you have finished testing.

  • Profile: Ensure you have included the correct stprofile in the request to Payment Pages and it is spelt exactly as in your filenames. The filenames must start with the name of the stprofile, and then the name of the page without any spaces or other characters in-between. Uppercase characters are not permitted.

    e.g. For stprofile “birthday”:
    • Correct: birthdaydetails.html
    • Incorrect: birthday details.htmlbirthday-details.html, BirthdayDetails.html
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