Discover® Global Network for Webservices API


CW63.png Discover® Global Network is the global payments brand of Discover Financial Services. It has 305+ million cardholders and alliances with 25+ payment networks.

Discover Network®


The Discover Network® is a comprehensive, large-scale payments network used by over 305 million global cardholders and accepted at millions of businesses and cash access locations.

Diners Club International®


Diners Club International® introduced the first multipurpose charge card to the world in 1950. Now, it’s accepted in 200+ countries and territories, with issuers in 55 countries.

  Supported customer countries   For further information on supported countries, please contact your acquiring bank.
  Supported currencies   For further information on supported currencies, please contact your acquiring bank.

  Full and partial refunds permitted.


  Payments may be subject to chargebacks.


  Zero-authorisations can performed by submitting an ACCOUNTCHECK request, if supported by your acquiring bank.

  Recurring payments

  Recurring payments are supported for this payment method if you have a recurring account enabled. (Note: Subscription Engine not supported)


To process a payment with this card brand, set the paymenttypedescription in your request to the appropriate supported value from the list below:

Card name Payment type description

Discover Network (credit card)


Diners Club International (credit card)

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