Migration timeline

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To ensure all of our customers can benefit from new features and security updates, all MyST users will eventually be migrated to the new Portal platform.

We understand the importance of MyST to our customers and, as such, we are performing a gradual roll-out of Portal. MyST will remain available throughout the roll-out process and will continue to function as normal, meaning you can always fall back to MyST if needed. There will come a time when MyST is finally switched off, but this will only happen when we are satisfied that the majority of users have moved over to Portal and are comfortable using it. We will communicate any significant changes along this journey and our Support Team will always be available to answer any concerns.

We are currently targeting Q1 2024 for the sunsetting of the MyST platform, although this is subject to change.

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We welcome feedback and encourage all our users to share their thoughts or concerns. With your help, we plan to rapidly iterate this new platform and continually add new functionality. If you are having problems using the new Portal, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

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  Ready to migrate?

Site administrators can expect an email from us when Portal is ready for enrollment. Follow the link below to learn more about the migration process.

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