Statement search

The “Statement search” page allows you to search for and view merchant statements.

  Required user roles

Site admin, View only transactions, fees and merchant statements

  To use this functionality, your MyST user account must have access to at least one site reference that uses our Trust Payments acquiring account.

  How to access

Select “Statement search” from the side-bar.


Perform statement search

  1. On the form displayed. choose the site reference from which you would like to perform the search.
  2. Enter a date range into the fields provided (This defaults to the start of the current month up until today's date).
  3. Click "Search".


  If you have multiple site references that are assigned to the same Merchant Id (MID) then your statement can be found in any of the related site references.


Search results

After you have performed a statement search, you will be displayed the results in a table. There is a daily statement for each MID on each site reference associated with your MyST user account.
To view a statement in greater detail, click the Statement ref from the left column.




When viewing a statement, you can opt to have this printed by clicking "Print" in the upper-right of the page.



Understanding the merchant statement

The following sections explain how to interpret the data displayed within the statement:


Statement information

Field Description
Site reference Site reference associated with the statement.
Reference Uniquely identifies the statement in our records.
Merchant name Name of merchant associated with the statement.
Merchant ID Merchant ID (MID) associated with the statement.
Processing date Date of when the transactions were loaded onto the system.
Currency The currency associated with the statement.


Processing summary

Field Description
Ancillary fees Different fees as per the below screenshots
Ancillary services This represents an aggregated summary of ancillary services and fees.
Closing balance The balance of the MID’s account at the end of the given period.
Net activity The calculated net amount for the given period.
Net settlement amount Net activity and opening balance combined to show the amount to be settled to the client
Opening balance The running balance from previous period(s) brought forward.
Payment summary
Processing fees The total amount of fees in relation to Per transaction fees and IC++ pricing models (including CSF).
Sales Purchases, refunds and OCTs processed in the given period.
Settlement amount The final amount to be settled to the merchant’s bank account.


Processing breakdown

Field Description
Region Indicator of whether the transaction takes place in a domestic, intra-regional or inter-regional environment.
Pricing category Indicator of the card type (whether it is a consumer, premium or commercial card being used by the cardholder).
Service type Indicator of whether the card used was either a credit or debit card.
# Trx Count of transactions.
Gross amt Total value of transactions before any fees are deducted.
Trx fees Total values of transactional fees.
CSF Card scheme fees as part of the IC++ pricing model.
IC Interchange fees as part of the IC++ pricing model.
Total Net amount for the given row of data (Gross Amt less all relevant fees).


Ancillary services & fees

Column headings

Field Description
Type The fee type category.
# Slips Count of entries for the associated fee type.
Gross amt Total value of the fee type before any fees are deducted.
Fee Total value of any fees associated with the given fee type.
Total Net amount for the given row of data (Gross Amt less Fees).


Fee types

Field Description
Chargebacks Number of chargebacks raised in the given period, as well as the relevant chargeback fees associated with the chargebacks.
Authorisations Number of authorisations raised (both approved and declined) in the given period, as well as the relevant authorisation fees associated with the authorisations.
Cross-Border Fees Cross border fee charges from Mastercard in relation to the card scheme fees, as part of the IC++ pricing model
Refunds Number of refunds processed in the given period, as well as the relevant refund fees associated with the refunds.
Wire Fees The fee associated with making a bank transfer to the merchant’s bank account.
Adjustments Any miscellaneous adjustments configured by Trust Payments.
Other Fees Any other fees that do not fall under the categories noted above.
New Reserves Held Any rolling or fixed reserves held in the given period.
Total Totals of Processing breakdowns and Ancillary services & fees
Net Activity The net totals for the overall statement
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