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  Unfortunately, the product documented here is currently only available in English.


  This feature is available to merchants using our TRU Connect gateway.

The “Authorisations (last 24 hours)” dashboard view is used to display authorisation count and volume data for the given site reference over the last 24 hours.

  Required user roles

Admin, Developer, TransactionUser, ViewFeesAndStatements, ViewTransactionsOnly

  How to access

Click “Dashboard” on the side-bar and then select the "Authorisations (last 24 hours)" view from the drop-down in the top-right.


This is used to display authorisation count and volume data for the given site reference over the last 24 hours. The graphs are generated using data from requests processed on your currently-selected site, which is displayed at the top of the page. To reload the graphs with data from a different site, type a new site reference into this box, select it from the drop-down box displayed and click “Change site(s)“.


  You can select multiple site references

If you type and select multiple site references, the graphs will display the combined totals from all of the specified site references.

  Please note that the graphs displayed are not updated in real-time.

They are updated approximately every hour.


Total counts

This pie chart displays the total number of authorisation requests processed on your selected site reference over the last 24 hours. This number is divided into authorised, declined and Soft decline, as shown in the screenshot below:



Acquirer response error

This bar chart displays the number of errors that occurred while processing requests on your selected site reference over the last 24 hours. Each bar represents a different type of error that has occurred. If your account has been configured with multiple acquiring banks, you can filter based on the bank by using the drop-down found in the upper-right of this panel.




This graph displays the quantity of authorisation requests processed on your selected site reference over the last 24 hours. This is shown using three lines, representing the number of transactions that were successfully authorised, declined and also soft declines.

  • Successful authorisations are defined as payment requests that have been authorised by the customer’s issuing bank and your own acquiring bank.
  • Note that declined transactions do not include payments that have been suspended or cancelled at a time following successful authorisation, such as in cases when fraud is detected or the payment has been updated manually.




The second graph is used to plot the total amount of funds that have been authorised over the last 24 hours.



There is a drop-down menu in the top-right of this panel that allows you to restrict data displayed in the graphs to transactions processed in a single currency of your choosing. For example, if “£ GBP” is selected, only transactions processed in British Pounds will be displayed, and any transactions processed in Euros or United States Dollars would be hidden. And by switching to “Euro”, the British Pound transactions would then be hidden and Euro transactions would be displayed in their place.

  • The totals will include authorisations with any authmethod value (including split shipments).
  • They will also include transactions converted into their final currency following DCC.

  The graphs do not display the combined total count and volume of settled authorisations across all currencies, due to the nature of fluctuating conversion rates.

  Be aware that neither of these graphs will take refunds into account.


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