Google Pay production checks for JavaScript Library

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Please complete the following checks before you push your integration live to support Google Pay:

  • You will need a Google Pay business account by registering with the   Google Pay Business Console (link to external site).
    • Complete your "Business Profile".
    • Register your website with the "Google Pay API".
  • In the GooglePay method configuration:
    • Set "environment": "PRODUCTION"
    • Set "gatewayMerchantId": "<YOUR LIVE SITE e.g site12345>"
    • Set "merchantId":"12345678901234567890" - Replace the numeric string with your own Google merchant identifier that was issued after registration with the Google Pay Business Console. This is required when setting the environment to PRODUCTION.
  • In the SecureTrading config:
    • Set "livestatus": 1
  • Ensure the JWT Payload includes "requesttypedescriptions":["THREEDQUERY","AUTH"]
  • Ensure that all supported payment scenarios have been tested through your test site.
  • Ensure that web-app logging has been reviewed to ensure that no sensitive information is being logged during the course of the transaction to ensure compliance with PCI.
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