Google Pay production checks for JavaScript Library

Please complete the following checks before you push your integration live to support Google Pay:

  • Set "environment": "PRODUCTION",
  • Set "merchantId":"12345678901234567890", - Replace this numeric string with your own Google merchant identifier that was issued after registration with the Google Pay Business Console. Required when PaymentsClient is initialized with an environment property of PRODUCTION. See Request production access for more information about the approval process and how to obtain a Google merchant identifier.
  • Set "gatewayMerchantId": "<YOUR LIVE SITE e.g site12345>"
  • All supported payment scenarios have been tested through your test site.
  • Web-app logging has been reviewed to ensure that no sensitive information is being logged during the course of the transaction to ensure compliance with PCI.
  • You will need to create a Google Pay business account for when you’re ready to switch from environment TEST to PRODUCTION. Registering with the   Google Pay Business Console (link to external site).
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