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It is possible to place restrictions on your site reference(s) to prevent a payment from being processed when the card number submitted is not thought to match the payment type selected by the customer. This feature is called verify card type, and there are three supported configurations:

To change the verify card type solution to be used on your site, please contact our Support Team.

  Although all efforts are made to ensure that our Bank Identification Number (BIN) records are up-to-date, we may not always assign the card type correctly in circumstances where our records differ from the those maintained by our supported acquirers.


0 – Auto-correct (Default)

Accounts are configured by default to use ‘Auto Correct’ (configuration ‘0’).

The payment is processed in the correct payment type as expected, but the customer is not informed beforehand if the card details they have entered did not match the card type they selected on the payment choice page.

The customer can change to a different payment type (after they have selected one from the payment choice page) by selecting a new payment type from the top of the payment details page.


1 – Fail if PAN doesn’t match

This configuration prevents a customer from changing the payment type they are paying with after they have reached the payment details page. This is designed for merchants who have implemented their own hosted payment choice page (e.g. using Journey B), allowing customers to select a payment type before inputting their payment details on our hosted payment details page.

If the customer enters card details that do not match the card type, and attempt to process a payment, the payment will not be processed and a red warning message is shown at the top of the page.


They cannot proceed with the payment until they enter payment details for the pre-specified payment type.


2 – Payment Pages re-display choice if PAN doesn’t match

If the card details the customer has entered does not match the card type selected on the payment choice page, they are shown a yellow warning at the top of the page highlighting that the payment type has changed.


The customer needs to click “Pay Securely” again in order to make the payment with the card type associated with the previously submitted details. They can amend their address and payment details before paying, or opt to pay using a different payment type by choosing an alternative from the top of the page.


Manually changing payment types on the payment details page

For sites configured to use verify card type configurations ‘0’ and ‘2’, a list of payment types are displayed at the top of the payment details page:


The customer can click a different payment type, and the payment details page will be re-displayed with fields and content relevant to the selected payment type.

If your site is only configured to accept payments in one payment type, no other payment types will be shown.

  Sites using verify card type configuration ‘1’ will never show payment types on the payment details page, even if the customer enters invalid payment details, or the payment is otherwise unsuccessful. This means that once the customer is viewing the payment details page, they cannot change the payment type they are paying in.

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