Overriding the st-payment identifier

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This form has the same structure as the standard example provided on this page, but has been modified with a custom identifier, for cases where your application doesn’t support our naming convention (e.g. ASP.NET does not support ids containing hyphens).

JS Library v3 JS Library v2
<div id="st-notification-frame"></div>
<form id="stform" action="https://www.example.com">
<div id="st-card-number" class="st-card-number"></div>
<div id="st-expiration-date" class="st-expiration-date"></div>
<div id="st-security-code" class="st-security-code"></div>
<button type="submit" id="st-form__submit" class="st-form__submit">
Pay securely
<script src="<CDN_DOMAIN>"></script>
(function() {
var st = SecureTrading({
formId: "stform",

Replace DOMAIN placeholder with a supported domain. Click here for a full list.

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