Viewing accounts set up on your site reference(s)

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The Accounts page provides details of all the accounts set up for your site references. This includes all payment methods and currencies that your sites can process.

  Required user roles

Developer 2, Site admin, Site user, Site user 2

  How to access

Accounts are viewed separately for each site reference you have access to.
Select your site from the “Sites” page and click the “Accounts” icon.



The “Accounts” page provides details of all the accounts set up for the current site. The card types and currencies that you are able to process will be displayed under four headings:

Name of field Comment
Account These could include ECOM (E-commerce/Internet Transactions) and MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order Transactions).
Acquirer The name of the acquiring bank through which you can process requests.
Currency Supported currency for this account.
Payment Type The payment types you are able to process using this account.

The results can be sorted under each column heading, and can also be filtered further by using the search box at the top right of the results table.

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