GPRS/Wi-Fi connection

The Vega 3000M terminal supports GPRS and Wi-Fi connection. If a SIM card needs installing:

  • Power the terminal off
  • Remove the rear cover (two clips at the top)
  • Insert the SIM into the SIM 1 slot at the lower right corner (follow the insertion profile shown by the slot
  • Re-attach the cover (ensuring the clips are snapped into place)
  • Power up the device
  • When prompted, type in the APN supplied by the SIM provider using the keypad

Switching between GPRS/Wi-Fi is performed by Selecting:

  • “Menu” and “Network settings” (or “Quick Menu” and “Network”) “Change connectivity” and selecting required type.

When internet connection is established the   icon is shown. If the connection is lost the     icon is shown.

Correct setting of the internet connection is essential to verify the “Handshake” function selected in “Menu” or “Quick Menu”. If handshake is approved the internet connection is established.


Wi-Fi connection setup

To connect to a Wi-Fi network:

  • Switch connection to Wi-Fi
  • Select “Menu” and “Network settings” (or “Quick Menu” and “Networks”), then “Settings”
  • Select required Wi-Fi network from list of available networks

For typing the password in alpha-numerical characters, repeatedly press the numerical keys to select the desired character (as used with keypad phones).

  Do not select “Factory reset” as this could render the terminal inoperable.


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