Main screen

The initial user display contains information about the current state of the terminal and allows you to run some basic operations.

Information about the date and time, connection type, signal strength and battery status is placed in the status bar at the top of the screen.

A green flashing icon top left indicates the readiness to accept contactless cards. The centre of the touch screen is filled with the POS or merchant’s logo, and it can be chosen from several colour skins.

In the bottom of the screen there are virtual buttons to start the payment transaction, access the terminal’s setup menu or enter the Quick Menu.



1 – Status bar – The current status of the terminal
2 – Contactless indicator – Indicating readiness for acceptance of contactless cards
3 – Introductory graphics – Merchants can choose from several pre-set skins
4 – Menu – To access the menu functions of the terminal
5 – Quick pay – Triggers a payment transaction
6 – Quick menu – Menu featuring a terminal with function icons

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