Geographic Summary view

  Unfortunately, the product documented here is currently only available in English.

  This functionality is only available on Advanced and Pro plans.


The Geographic Summary view is used to understand where your business is attracting the most customers and sales, enabling you to better tailor your business for international commerce, e.g. through localisation, delivery charges, currencies offered, etc. The page displays 4 separate world maps that are shaded to demonstrate the following metrics:

  • "Sales" - The 5 countries where your business performs best, based on the total amount spent by your customers.
  • "Customers" - The 5 countries where you have the highest number of unique buyers (this is determined by counting the number of unique card numbers used for payment with your business).
  • "Chargebacks" - The 5 countries where your business incurs the highest number of chargebacks.
  • "Fraud" - The 5 countries where your business processes the most fraudulent transactions, based on the total amount associated with transactions identified as fraud.

The darker the shading, the more significant the contribution from that country. The top 5 countries are also highlighted in a table to the right of each map, with the proportion each country represents from the total shown as a percentage.

  All percentages shown for a given metric are unlikely to add up to the full 100%, as countries outside of the top 5 are not shown here.

  If you observe a high level of international business, you may want to speak to your Trust Payments representative about the potential for implementing our Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service.

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