Performing additional requests with Google Pay for Android SDK

When processing e-commerce payments using Google Pay, you can configure your solution to include additional requests to perform extra tasks. These are as follows:



You will need to update the JWT payload to include the list requesttypedescriptions with the following supported request combinations:

It is imperative that you include “THREEDQUERY” in the requesttypedescriptions list, because without it 3-D Secure authentication would not be performed where possible. If the customer chooses to process the payment using Google Pay, Trust Payments will purposely omit the THREEDQUERY automatically for Cryptogram_3DS, as it’s a token based payment. For Pan_Only payments, the THREEDQUERY will be processed by Trust Payments and a response will be returned.

Here are some example request lists you can can assign to requesttypedescriptions. Each request type is processed from left to right by Trust Payments .

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