JavaScript Library Requirements

In order to use our JavaScript Library, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You will need to contact our Support Team:
    • Request that you are provided with a test site reference (connects exclusively to our sandbox environment for testing) and live site reference (for processing transactions through our production environment).
    • Request that the Support Team add the necessary 3-D Secure provider details on the aforementioned test and live site references.

  Failure to complete the steps above will prevent the payment form from functioning correctly.

  • You will need a server that can be configured to perform back-office processing tasks required to verify and process requests from customers.

  • You need a user account with the role “Webservices JWT” – If this user account has not already been provided, please request that one is created for your site(s) by contacting our Support Team.

  • PSD2 – In order for your solution to be compliant with the Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2), you must ensure all transactions are performed using 3-D Secure. This is explained later on in our JWT documentation.
  • Supported desktop browsers – When on desktop OS, your customers must be using one of the following supported browsers:
    • Apple Safari (latest 2 versions)
    • Google Chrome (latest 2 versions)
    • Microsoft Edge (latest 2 versions)
    • Mozilla Firefox (latest 2 versions)
    • Opera (latest 2 versions)
  • Supported mobile OS – When on mobile, your customers must be using one of the following supported platforms:
    • Android v7 and higher
    • iOS/iPadOS v11 and higher
  • When using the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to reference the st.js library, be aware that the CDN will block requests from your localhost environment. To test it locally, you will need to run your test application via IP rather than localhost.

  If a customer is experiencing issues when performing a purchase, we recommend establishing their device type and browser version and ensuring it is supported, as per the lists above. If you have questions regarding supported browsers, please contact our Support Team.

  Your progress

To begin processing payments with our JavaScript Library, you will need to configure your solution.
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