Managing shifts


You can use shifts on the terminal to track transactions processed. As you process transactions on the terminal, the amounts transacted are tallied throughout the working day. You can print a receipt that shows the running total at any time. At the end of the day, you can instruct the device to close the shift, which prints out the total amount transacted during the day and resets the counter back to zero. Any transactions processed from here onward is counted towards the next shift and the cycle repeats.

  This process only prints the receipt. Performing this action has no impact on the settlement of transactions processed.


Print shift totals

This function allows you to print a receipt showing the total amount transacted on the terminal during the shift so far (without resetting the counter):

  1. Tap Menu   icon onscreen.
  2. Select Print shift totals.

  Some of our merchants find it useful to cross-reference this total with the records shown in MyST. Click here to learn how to generate a report in MyST.

Closing the shift

The following instructions explain how to close the shift. This will print the total amount transacted on the terminal during the shift and reset the total back to zero, ready for the next shift.

  1. Tap Menu   icon onscreen
  2. Select Close shift
  3. To confirm the end of the shift, select the   or press the green OK button

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