User types (roles) explained

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Users are assigned distinct user types (roles) that define the permissions they have when using the Trust Payments MPA Portal. The following is a list of all user types, set up as pre-defined roles, that can be assigned to members of your organisation to perform business operations and manage your account:

  • Director - Directors have all permissions enabled, including the ability to manage Merchant Payment Accounts and to make payments.
  • Manager - Managers are still able to manage Merchant Payment Accounts. However, they cannot issue payments or manage access granted to other uses.
  • Accountant - This user type has the same permissions as the Manager. It can be assigned to help you differentiate users across your corporate hierarchy.
  • Employee - This role is defined for future use and cannot currently perform any operations.


  Further details regarding user permissions

  Director Manager
View company accounts    
View employee list    
Manage employees    
Edit company settings    
Issue transfer    
Issue payment    
Create payee    
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