Cancel an account

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To cancel an account, navigate to the account you wish to action and click the    icon in the upper-right, then in the drop-down that appears, click "Cancel account".


There are two types of account cancellation:

  1. You can cancel and remove an account: The account disappears and is no longer visible, nor accessible. This action cannot be undone.
  2. You can cancel an account but continue to view it: The account remains visible and can be removed at a later date. If the account is cancelled but not removed, you will only have read-only access, you cannot make/receive payments.


  • Users cannot cancel an account if the balance is not 0, or if there is a fee pending from that account.
  • It is mandatory to always have a minimum of one account open- so if you have 9 accounts you can cancel 8 of them, but 1 needs to remain open.
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