How do I cancel a POS refund?

You can cancel refunds by performing an update using MyST.



  This functionality is only available to those with the following user roles:
Site admin, Site user, Site user 2, Transaction admin, Transaction admin 2



1. Select refund(s) to be cancelled

  • Method 1: Type in the full transaction reference into the universal search at the top of any MyST page and submit to view details for a specific refund.


  • Method 2: Select “Transactions” from the left and then “Transaction search“. Perform a search and:
    • Either: Tick the checkboxes down the left of the table for the refunds you would like to cancel. In this manner, you can action multiple cancellations at once.
    • Or: Click a transaction reference displayed in the results table to view further details.


2. Select the action

Click the “Update” button displayed near the bottom of the page.


If there is not enough space to display all options, these will be combined into a single “Actions” button. Click to expand, like so:


3. Allowed and Disallowed transactions

If successful, the page displayed will be pre-filled with details inherited from the selected refund(s).


You should check the “Summary” table at the top of the page, which displays the number of selected refunds that are “Allowed” and “Disallowed”. Disallowed refunds cannot be updated and are not displayed on the page.

Why have some of the selected refunds been disallowed?

This can occur for a number of reasons. We recommend checking the following:

  • Ensure the refund is NOT in status “100” as this is not eligible for cancellation.
  • Refunds in status "3" have already been cancelled and therefore cannot be actioned further.

4. Amend the form

On the form displayed, change the Settle status to "3 - Cancelled".


You click the “+” icon on the left to expand the form and display additional information about the refund that is being cancelled.

If you have selected multiple refunds for cancellation, you can change all of their settle statuses to "3 - Cancelled" by using the “Options” area that is shown towards the top of the page:


When you are ready to process the request, click “Update” at the bottom of the page.


Handling the response

If the cancellation was processed successfully, you should see a yellow warning message at the top of the page with the message "There has been an error processing one of more of your transaction". This is displayed because refund cancellations aren't processed immediately. Rather, such requests are queued and are processed in batches approximately every 10 minutes. Each refund cancellation request should be listed with the error code "79000". If you check back later, the refund will be updated to status 3 (Cancelled).


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