Menu items

The terminal includes a number of functions required for correct terminal operation. To enter this list, press the keys “0” and “-“ in quick succession.


  • Selection of the required function is performed by pressing the green "Ok" button.
  • Use the "F2" and "F3" keys to scroll up and down.
  • To return to the previous menu, press the yellow “Back” button.
Menu item Description
00 Terminal ID Displays the terminal id on-screen.
01 Version info Displays the software version information on-screen.
02 BT pairing Starts the process to pair the terminal with a new mobile phone using a Bluetooth connection. This is required to perform key POS functions through the companion phone app. Click here to learn more.
03 BT remove pairing Removes the previously-configured Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone.
04 User settings Make changes to device settings.
05 Administration

Make other administrative changes.

(You will be prompted to enter the manager password to access these settings)

  The list of available functions depends on the specific terminal configuration and can differ from one application to another.

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