Update order to process transaction in PrestaShop Addon

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If the payment action is set to “Authorize Only”, you must update the order manually in order to complete the transaction. Please follow the steps below:

  When updating the order status in PrestaShop, the module will send a request to Trust Payments to change the settle status from “2” to “0”.

  1. Find the order with the same status message as selected for setting “Select Status For Capture When Using Authorize Only” on the configuration page.


  2. On the Order detail page, change the status to the same value as selected for setting “Select status For Completed Payment” on the configuration page.


  3. Then click “Update Status”. Performing this action will allow funds to be settled by the acquiring bank (usually occurs within 24 hours).

  4. If successful, the status on the order page will change and the amount will change to have a green background, as shown below:


  If you don't update the order status using the method described above, the payment will not be completed and the funds will not be settled into your bank account.

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