Refunds with PrestaShop Addon

  Unfortunately, the product documented here is currently only available in English.

To process a refund using the back office features, follow the steps below:

  1. Within the "SELL" section, click Orders > Orders.


  2. Find the order that you want to refund and use MyST to ensure that the transaction is in settle status “Pending – 0”. If you are using the Payment Action “Authorize Only”, you will need to update the transaction by following this article.


  3. To perform a full refund, change the status of the order from “Payment Accepted” to “Refunded”. This will update the transaction shown in MyST to settle status "Cancelled – 3".


    Alternatively, to perform a partial refund, click the “Partial Refund” button:


    Specify the "Quantity" of product you want to refund, and the amount you wish to partially refund in the boxes shown below, and click “Partial Refund”. For transactions that have not yet settled, this will update the settle amount. For transactions that have already settled, this will create a new REFUND request.


  4. If successful, a success message will be displayed.

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