Testing your Zip integration

You will need to test your solution before you can begin processing live payments. Test transactions are processed through your test Site Reference.


You will need to contact our Support Team, providing your Zip test account details. We will then configure your test site reference to connect directly to the Zip testing environment.

When performing test transactions, you will be redirected to the Zip testing environment to simulate a payment. The process you will follow is exactly the same as a customer would when processing live payments.

  1. As part of this process, Zip will prompt you to enter a real mobile phone number that you will need in order to complete two-factor authentication.


  2. Enter the 6 digit code texted to the mobile phone number you provided to proceed.


  3. You will be presented with an order summary and prompted to choose from your previously-stored test cards, or alternatively enter a new test card if this is the first time you are testing to the Zip sandbox.


    When adding a new test card, please use one of the test cards provided below and follow the instructions shown on-screen to complete the transaction:

      Any valid future expiry date and security code will be accepted.

    Card type Test PAN
      Visa Debit 4000 0566 5566 5556
      Mastercard Debit 5200 8282 8282 8210

  4. When the test transaction has been completed, Zip will display a success message, before redirecting your browser.


    After a few seconds have passed, your browser will be redirected. The destination of the redirect depends on your integration:

    • If hosted Payment Pages under default configuration: You will be displayed a response page hosted by Trust Payments.
    • If hosted Payment Pages with redirect configured: You will be redirected to the destination URL specified in the rule.
    • If JavaScript Library or Webservices API: You will be redirected to the returnurl.
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