Changes to liability

  The following information is provided for your convenience and is known to be correct at time of publishing. However, the dates shown are subject to change and there may be additional changes that need to be considered that have not been included below. For the latest information, we always recommend checking with your acquirer.

Payment brand Date Description
3ds-liability-mastercard.png 30th April 2021 Mastercard will no longer allow 3-D Secure v1.0 account range or Merchant ID enrolments unless the customer is already enrolled on EMV 3-D Secure.
3ds-liability-mastercard.png 1st October 2021 Mastercard will no longer generate Attempts transactions from the Mastercard 3-D Secure v1.0 network. 3-D Secure v1.0 fully authenticated transactions will continue to be supported.
3ds-liability-visa.png 16th October 2021

If customer authentication is attempted using 3-D Secure v1.0.2, but the card issuer does not participate, the liability will no longer be with the issuer (ECI 06). It will instead be with the merchant (ECI 07).

This change does not impact the following:

  • When customers are fully authenticated.
  • Transactions where customer authentication is attempted with participating card issuer, but ACS is unavailable at the time.
  • The response is VERes = N.
3ds-liability-mastercard.png 30th April 2022 Mastercard will no longer allow 3-D Secure v1.0 account range or Merchant ID enrolments.
3ds-liability-mastercard.png 14th October 2022 3-D Secure v1.0 sunset for Mastercard-branded cards.

Mastercard 3-D Secure v1.0.2 transactions will no longer be supported on the Mastercard network.

3ds-liability-visa.png 15th October 2022 3-D Secure v1.0 sunset for Visa-branded cards.

Payments processed with Visa cards can only be authenticated with EMV 3-D Secure (3DS version 2.x).

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