3-D Secure v1 Liability

 3-D Secure v1 will be sunset starting October 2021 (fully retired October 2022). In the interest of security, and to ensure your transactions meet the PSD2 mandate, you must immediately migrate your solution to use 3-D Secure version 2 (EMV 3DS). Click here to learn how.

Migrating to EMV 3DS will likely lead to an increase in authentication approvals on your site, as improvements to security checks performed in the background reduce the need to challenge customers to take additional steps to prove their identity. Challenges have also been made faster and easier for legitimate customers to complete, as EMV 3DS can allow them to authorise a transaction using their banking app, or through biometric security such as fingerprint/facial recognition (if their bank supports it), and exemptions can be applied to bypass authentication in certain lower-risk scenarios (contact your acquiring bank for further information on exemptions).

Following a transaction processed using 3-D Secure v1, in the event of a dispute with the transaction at a later date, the card issuer may take financial responsibility for the chargeback as indicated in the table below:

  Successful authentication of a transaction does not guarantee the liability shift. The card issuer can still decline the payment.

  The criteria used to determine the liability is determined by the acquirer and is subject to change. As such, the information presented here may be subject to exceptions, depending on the parties facilitating the payment. For clarification, we recommend contacting your acquirer.

Payment brand Enrolled Status Liability
3ds-liability-visa.png U Merchant
3ds-liability-visa.png N Issuer
3ds-liability-visa.png Y Y Issuer
3ds-liability-visa.png Y N Merchant
3ds-liability-visa.png Y A Issuer
3ds-liability-visa.png Y U Merchant
3ds-liability-mastercard.png U Merchant
3ds-liability-mastercard.png N Issuer
3ds-liability-mastercard.png Y Y Issuer
3ds-liability-mastercard.png Y N Merchant
3ds-liability-mastercard.png Y A Issuer
3ds-liability-mastercard.png Y U Merchant
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