September 2021

  Support for contactless payments up to £100

We are rolling out support for contactless transactions of up to £100 on our TRU POS terminals, up from £45 previously. This will make it even easier for your customers to pay for goods and services, allowing you to provide the same frictionless payment experience customers already enjoy for smaller purchases, but now for higher-value purchases.

  • Support for £100 contactless payments using American Express cards is already live, since 1st September 2021, providing you have an American Express merchant id and the device software is up to date. Click here to check for updates.
  • Support for £100 contactless payments using Mastercard and Visa-branded cards will go live 15th October 2021.

  You will need to update the software on your device to take advantage of the increased limits. If your device is connected to power, the new software should be downloaded and installed automatically on 15th October 2021 to enable the changes for Mastercard and Visa. You can always manually check for the latest software updates by following the instructions provided here.

  Only applies to merchants based in the UK.

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