August 2021

  MyST has a new look and includes 2 new languages

New look

We have refined the look and feel of MyST to more accurately reflect our brand. These changes only affect the visual appearance and will not affect your day-to-day use of the service. The changes will be gradually be rolled out to all merchants, so you do not need to opt in. Once available, you can switch to the new theme by clicking “Display options” from the configuration menu (upper-right of any MyST page).


German and Dutch language support

In addition to English (GB) and English (US), MyST now supports German and Dutch languages throughout the entire interface. This will be rolled out in tandem with the updates to the appearance described above. Once available, you can change the language by clicking “Display options” from the configuration menu (upper-right of any MyST page).

  Google Pay now supported


Google Pay is now available for merchants integrated with Trust Payments using our hosted Payment Pages or JavaScript Library solutions.

  Bug fixes

MyST will no longer incorrectly display “GB Visa” for de-activated merchants

If a bank account is de-activated on your Trust Payment account (MID removed), we still allow you to continue accessing your historical transaction data using MyST. But in some cases, you may have been shown “GB Visa” as a supported currency and payment type when you hadn’t been using it. This will no longer happen.

Payment Pages will now continue to display your custom styling if a bank system error occurs

A “Bank system error” is a rare error that occurs when there is a problem processing a transaction with a bank or third party. Previously, if this error occurred, any custom styling applied to the hosted checkout would revert to default settings, causing the Trust Payments logo and colour scheme to be displayed to your customers. This has now been resolved – your custom styling will remain visible even if a bank system error occurs.

Cryptocurrency transactions now automatically flagged

Merchants processing crypto transactions are required to flag them as such in requests to Trust Payments by submitting cryptocurrencyindicator with 1. But after the recent update, for merchants using TRU Acquiring as their acquiring solution, with a Merchant Category Code (MCC) for crypto transactions, we automatically flag these transactions for Visa and Mastercard schemes, so submitting this field is no longer needed for these card brands.

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