Introduction to CryptoMetrix

CryptoMetrix is an online dashboard providing you with relevant and actionable insights into cryptocurrency payment processing, risk and peer performance data.

  • Compelling and insightful views on your payment and associated data in a simple, easy-to-access report that is refreshed daily.
  • CryptoMetrix is optimised for both desktop and mobile use, enabling on-the-go analytics and insights.
  • Developed in direct partnership with one of the largest licensed cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe.
  • Easily understand multiple key performance indicators at a glance across major values, volumes and rates, organised by critical areas such as schemes, geographies and issuers.
  • Immediately action high-risk fraud and chargeback transactions, and avoid penalty fees incurred by exceeding scheme level rules around ratio thresholds.
  • Understand performance relative to an aggregate basket of other exchanges operating with Trust Payments, allowing you to focus on trends and patterns that are unique to you and your industry.
  • CryptoMetrix data is available for download in .xlsx and .csv format for integration into your workflow.

How to sign in  Navigating CryptoMetrix


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